Residents enjoy coed living.
Residential Life
The residential campus provides a safe haven to assist the resident with independent living skills. The residents are living in a family style environement with young people their own age and staff who are in recovery. Daily life skills include:
      • Work Ethic
      • Meal planning and shopping
      • Meal preparation
      • Cleaning and living quarters maintenance
      • Grounds Maintenance (gardening, yardwork, pool)
      • Laundry

The social arena includes Karate and Yoga classes, attendance of 12-step meetings in the Wickenburg community, retreats and conventions. These activities allow the resident to participate outside of the residential community and test social skills in the process of recovery.

Community fellowship gives the resident the opportunity to interact with one another in positive ways. Additionally, efforts are made to create involvements with the people of Wickenburg and to make safe and sound friendships. Gatehouse has worked to integrate itself into the community of Wickenburg. In addition to inviting friends and neighbors to Gatehouse, residents will volunteer and take part in various community activities.


There are numerous recreational activities for residents. Karate and yoga classes are available throughout the week. Jogging, walking trails and swimming are available on campus or at the nearby ranch. Hiking, bike riding and other activities like skateboarding are part of the resident's day. Numerous other sports related activities are available in town and can be worked into a resident's schedule.


Gatehouses' Equestrian offering is an integral part of the curriculum and is available to all residents. Residents come to us with varying levels of skill and interest and the response is a comprehensive equestrian offering ranging from basic Western style riding to involvement in thoroughbred racing. We are one of the few facilities that has sported a polo team at one time. First-time riders are taught the basics of grooming and care, while those more experienced will be handed the opportunity to be critically involved in the development of a thoroughbred racehorse.

The involvement of horses at Gatehouse is just another way that excellence is brought to the residents and they have a chance to be engaged in the pursuit of an activity that can bring a sense of joy to their lives.


Enriching the Lives of Young Adults
In a long-term, drug-free educational environment