Drug rehabilitation for young adults
In addition to formal studies, most students choose to participate in Yoga.

Gatehouse Academy
. . . where recovery and life-long learning begin

Gatehouse Academy offers a unique approach for its students, creating an opportunity for learning which lasts a lifetime. Our philosophy, as the slogan suggests, is distinguished just as clearly as the dictionary's definition of the word philosophy, which states "Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self." In the first month at Gatehouse, while the focus is on establishing social, therapeutic and community roles in recovery, we are testing the student's ability and willingness as a learner. This month-long interaction gives us a baseline to move forward and allows us to think about assisting students with specialized needs (learning disabilities, attention deficits).

We utilize various recovery-centered books, videos, documentaries, and even feature films of all genre to serve as a practice in communication and comprehension. This curriculum (called Comprehensive Studies) is completely unique to Gatehouse and has been developed by our Education Director, Jim Hanley, an educator, movie/television producer, and director.

Once our initial period of evaluation is complete, we engage the learner in a path of specific academic studies, either at the high school or college level. Gatehouse has partnered with two fine institutions: Rio Salado College and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to offer classes at a distance. Distance Learning has become highly recognized as an effective mode of learning, these two colleges stand out as having the highest academic accreditation possible, achieving the excellence Gatehouse demands.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln specializes in offering high school diplomas, both for general and college preparatory studies and fits nicely into the Gatehouse schedule with its flexibility of class offerings, start dates, and transcript evaluations. Additionally, they offer SAT and ACT prep. studies and testing.

Rio Salado College offers university level classes, certifications, and Associate degrees in many areas of study. As well, they offer online GED prep. classes and exams. One of the most popular certification programs for our students has been the Chemical Dependency Program. They also offer assessment testing for those interested in completing core college courses.

Gatehouse Academy's most exciting feature is the state of the art computer lab. Completely outfitted with Dell computers, this center offers students an opportunity to online learning and research, all under the direction and supervision of our onsite instructor. Located in our remodeled schoolhouse is the music room, where students get to listen to a D.J. and kick up their heels a bit! The center offers an art room where students paint, draw and explore the freedom of expression as a way of learning who they are and what moves, touches and inspires them to greatness. In addition, there are regularly scheduled yoga and karate classes, further exploring the mind, body, spirit connection.


Enriching the Lives of Young Adults
In a long-term, drug-free educational environment