Young adults & troubled teens with substance abuse, behavior and drug and alcohol issues who are searching for help and information come to Gatehouse. Our long-term residential treatment is an alternative to typical short-term rehab centers.

Our approach to adolescent drug rehabilitation and adolescent drug addiction treatment is unique. Unlike other alcohol treatment centers or adolescent residential treatment facilities ....

We are:
Immediate Assessment-Call Now
Focused on Young Adults Ages 17-26
Help Realize A Teens Potential Through:

Long-term Residential Treatment for Young Adults in a Safe, Secure, Educational Environment

Facilities are unique
The setting for this 9-12 month drug-free educational experience is Arizona. Our facilities are intimate, family-style, highly confidential and steeped in the Gatehouse tradition of excellence. Gatehouse is a unique approach for adolescents, combining life skills training, therapy, academics, outdoor activities and family coaching. We challenge those in our care to grow and accept responsibility as they transition to more successful living. More...

Tuition and Schedule of Fees

We are a private pay, long-term, drug-free residential living community. We charge an inclusive monthly tuition. Tuition covers enrollment in the Gatehouse residence and full access to all recreational and rehabilitation opportunities. In addition, each client is automatically enrolled into Gatehouse Therapeutic Health Services and has access to Gatehouse Academy and all of our educational and vocational offerings. More...

Enriching the Lives of Young Adults
In a long-term, drug-free educational environment


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